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    RedHat Error


    by sashoes2 ·

    When i install RedHat 6.1, the system reboots and the bootdisk has linux kernel but shows some error 0x10 so i want to know what causes it.
    It shows like fallowing:
    0x10 …. [Enter]
    boot:linux [Enter]
    0x10 …. [Enter]
    boot:linux [Enter]
    etc. etc.

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      RedHat Error

      by wendelb ·

      In reply to RedHat Error

      In my experience the 0x10 error has most often been caused by a faulty floppy drive or disk. I’ve got an older laptop (486 SLC)that will always boot from a windows bootdisk, but is very picky about which linux boot disks it will use. Try another floppy drive or another bootdisk. Hope this helps

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