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    Redhat Linux Installation


    by rajasthandajatt ·

    I am facing a problem while installing REDHAT 7 on a old computer.
    I have the following configuration :
    a) Processor :– CentaurhaulsuB 336 MHz
    b) Bios — Award Modular Bios v6.00PG (23 Apr 2001)
    c) Mother Board– TWJ0606Z i810-W83627F-6A69MB0AC-00
    d) Hard disk– 8.4 GB (Seagate)
    e) Video Ram 1 MB
    I tried to install RedHat Linux 7, but there was problems, the system got hanged during copying files, not at a particular file , randomly.Is it due to Video RAM?
    Is there any solution, means do linux support this hardware.
    There is no problem with CD , bcoz when I tried to install it on Intel PIII 500, there were no problem.
    Thanks in Advance.

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