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redhat vs mcse

By happyalwaysapple ·
Hello dudes iam newly grad in BScIT, no certifications yet, confuse what to choose, on my on-the-job-trainee i work for ASP programmer and my second OJT did Network Engineer, i have knowledge in security also,iam currently enroll in full time MBA, iam so confuse how to start my career in IT, iam also thinking to go for ccna, PMP and CISSP

i have to take decision but pls need professional advice thanks!!

thanks for reading!!
Ravi kumar

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to redhat vs mcse

RedHat Certified Engineer is

Basically MCSE gives you knowledge of Windows Environments and RH CE gives you knowledge of Red Hat Linux Environments.

So which do you think you will be working in? Then get Certifications in the one that you think you will be working in most often.


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Thanks for advice

by happyalwaysapple In reply to MCSE is

I really appreciate your reply sir,
but my intention is in managerial level and confused,, actually going to India for my certification next year, right now i am in Philippines, my goal is ccna oracle9i mcse(only one i think) then red hat sap, what u say will this really go for me, i want to plan in a way that will get my goals easily, my friends are threatening me that right now i should work while study because according to them its bad image not working to future company,,will certification to different fields will help me get job opportunities and fast promotions, some also said certification doesn't matter unless work experience then i feel defensive that what is the use then,,,
thankful in advance

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I do tend to agree with your friends to a certain extent anyway

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks for advice

While Certification is great it's fairly useless without experience.

I'm a Mechanical Engineer well actually a Doctor of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering and I can honestly say what i was taught in Uni was OK but it lacked the Hands On Experience so much so that we had to draw an Device Open and In line for Assembly and the way it was presented it couldn't be assembled after you made the parts.

Those who drew the parts as they appeared got the higher marks while those who modified them so that they could be assembled got marked down. That is just one example of Teaching that doesn't have much relation to Real Life Conditions. it's exactly the same with all Certs which are in theory great and do give you a grounding in what needs doing but they don't necessarily show you how to do things.

Quite often if you follow what the Certification tells you is Best Practice it's much more expensive and far less Usable/Secure that doing things a different way that those who have Experience would do.

There is no single way to learn it all some is book learning and some is personal experience and then you learn to do what is required.


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The question answer is not yet clear lol!!!

by happyalwaysapple In reply to I do tend to agree with y ...

thanks sir for kind reply,

i mean take my situation, i applied so many companies for position like network engineer server group and companies dn't response to my application!!

i can guess some reasons...

i am not native to this land,,(one company give me this reason!!!)

no work experience,,,
no certificate,,,,,

so companies have other good options,,,,
i am struggling to this,,,,
lol so i am thinking certifications will give me a chance to enter,,,

is this a right approache?
or is this for u just waste of time and money on certifications!!!!

what is your advice on this sir, i mean what your experience say to this?
if u were in my situation what would have u done?lol
any comment will be appreciated,,

ravi kumar

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Well if it was me I personally

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The question answer is no ...

Would be looking at doing some Volunteer Work maintaining some Charities Computers or something similar while doing the Certs.

It will give you Hands On Experience while at the same time let you have personal experience with the realities of running a system and maybe some insight into Licensing costs.

As for the way that Different companies proceed that's a hard one as the people in HR want Top Certs and a hundred years of Experience for a entry level position. As HR is in a position to Vet the Applicants before handing their Short List onto the Technical Department to make a finial selection it gets very hard. The Techs want Experience over Certs most times as this lets them know that you can do the work and will not be running to them every 5 minuted for a solution to your current problem.

With the current Economic Times and the Glut of Uni Graduates It's a Employers Market so they go for the highest Paper Qualifications and then pass the Short List onto the Hiring Manager to select a person that they think they will be able to work with.

I personally would be looking to smaller companies where you stand a chance maybe and get the Work Experience so that adds to your CV showing that you are not prepared to sit on your Backside and wait for something but go out and get things for yourself.

While both Certs and Work Experience are necessary they need to be balanced with each other as long Work Experience alone may not be sufficient for many places just as all the Certs in the World are no Guarantee of getting a job that you want.


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I agree with OH Smeg

by oldbaritone In reply to redhat vs mcse

but would add one more thing -

If you don't know which system you'll be working on, get the MCSE.

Understand that I LOVE linux and HATE Windows, but harsh real-world marketability of the credential is that MS has a HUGE installed base, and RH's market share is trivial in the big scheme of things.

So if you're not sure that RH is relevant to you, you're probably better off with MCSE - much as it pains me to say so.

Good Luck.

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thanks sir

by happyalwaysapple In reply to I agree with OH Smeg

same suggestion is given from my friend, he told me to go for mcse certification then choose redhat or ccna.
as i just reply to sir OH Smeg my goals are big but having hard time to find right direction and decisions.
thanks a lot for reply sir

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Re:redhat vs mcse

by ameack In reply to redhat vs mcse

Hi Ravi,
I guess your are CONFUSED with your career.
"Follow your instincts"
You know about everything as to what is what?
I would suggest to learn things which intrest you rather than just doing it. If you are doing just for to get a job then its just waste of time and money.
Becasue in any entry-level job they ( employer) would expect you to deliver things which is based on your knowledge.

You would excel in your career only if you like things which you do.

All the best for the MBA but do remember ther is a lot of competition out in the market. So some extra certifications to add to your resume would surely give you an edge but would not portray your interest for the job.


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thanks for another point of view

by happyalwaysapple In reply to Re:redhat vs mcse

i do get your point sir..
Thanks a lot,, i should be ready for struggle lol actually i have to kill my pride i really need to start from scratch, and from entry level one thing is funny that compensation is so low here i think i cant even support myself,, for that reason i feel doing business, really confuse u got it right sir i need to find answers form myself that what exactly i want,,,,

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2010 it skills & salary report

by prrethish In reply to redhat vs mcse

Hai ravi

Have a look at the pdf document on the following link

Hope this will helpful for u

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