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Redirect to the Windows clipboard

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
The Jan 7, Perl TechMail discusses two examples explaining how to use the Win32::Clipboard module. Can you think of other potential uses? Have you used the Win32::Clipboard module in your Perl applications?

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Inter-System Possibilities?

by bdiebel In reply to Redirect to the Windows c ...

How could I start on a UNIX box running a sh/ksh Script, call PERL to input some text, have it sent to my PC thru ftp? or the Terminal Emulator... or ?... (running NT or W2K), and put in the Clipboard... I would like to enhance the monitoring of Milestones on the UNIX System, and maybe be able to page, email,or otherwise alert staff to progress from info.in the WIN Clipboard.

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Quick & Easy solution(s)

by James Brown In reply to Inter-System Possibilitie ...

Here's a quick thought. Do you have a web server on your Windows box? If not there are lots of free and easy to install web servers including MS IIS or Apache.

With a web server in place, you can easily create a CGI script that would accept input from a subject and a text field and put these into the windows clipboard. You could send such an update using any of the perl tools on your unix box such as LWP-DOWNLOAD (aka GET).

Another option would be to create a simple server on the windows box using something like HTTP:aemon that would do the same thing.

Good luck,

- James

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