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    Redirect to Webpage Before Using the Internet


    by benm ·

    I am an entry-level IT specialist and currently have the task of finding out if there is a way to have a specific webpage load to users in our company before going out to the internet. We use a proxy server to monitor internet use and we also have an intranet. The web page I want to load is our internet use policy. I would want it only to display when leaving our intranet before loading a webpage on the internet. Is this possible?

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      by benm ·

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      I would have thought so…

      by rkelly ·

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      If people are going to be gaining access to the internet via your intranet then why not stick a link on the intranet site which says something link “Access the internet” and then have it go straight to a redirect page – which shows your company policy for maybe 10 seconds and then goes to google or wherever you want peoples homepages to be. Or maybe set their homepage to be the redirect page and put a link to the intranet from there.

      There are redirection pages all over the web, that take you to where you should be, even though you types in a different URL.

      If you do a google searh for HTML redirect you will probably be able to cut and paste an appropriate page in about 5 minutes. Infact I’ve saved you the effort of googling. There is a pefect exaple of what you want on this page.

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