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Redirecting a Com Port - on a network

By profsol ·
Hello Tech Rep Queries

My first time to contact and ask for help. I am fairly new to IT business, and sometimes get stuck on what should be elementary issues - but I can't find an answer to this one - so some help will be greatly appreciated.
THE SCENARIO - a sales counter with 4x sales-people, and 4x workstations, running an integrated point-of-sales system. Serving these 4 stations, there is one 80 column dot matrix invoice printer, and one 60mm "slip" printer.
The POS software hasthe option, at processing time, to select whether to print either an "invoice" or a "till-slip". The invoice is a fully detailed 8.5 x 8.5 inches document, - while the "till-slip" is a standard type long narrow listing with relevant totals.

THE PROBLEM - the POS software is hard coded to print a "till-slip" to a Com Port only - which means the slip printer must be attached to the processing workstation. Therefore, ostensibly, one cannot print a till-slip on a printer anywhere else on the network. (invoices are no problem)

MY REQUEST - is anyone aware of a utility that will permit the "re-directing" of a Com Port to somewhere else on a network? - on/from W9x or W2k workstations

- Workstation Operation System - most users of the software package are running W9x workstation OS, and there are a couple that I know of running W2k.
- Network Operating System - the smaller users are running peer-to-peer systems (mostly W9x, some W2k), and the larger Win NT. There areprobably some running Netware, but I personally don't know of any.

thanks in advance & regards

from South Africa
Howard Abrahams C A (S A)
Professional Solutions
mobile: +27 (0)83 270 2050

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Redirecting a Com Port - on a network

by Maelgwyn In reply to Redirecting a Com Port - ...

OK, it sounds bad, but you could splice a cable that daisychained between each computer and the device. Probability for sucess - low

Modify a printer switch box for com ports, use automatic switching (one of those electric boxes)
probability for success - higher, but you will still need to get "special cables"

A thought: why not use something like internet sharing to do it, I could not give you the specifics, but maybe someone else can...

something like
could work...

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Redirecting a Com Port - on a network

by profsol In reply to Redirecting a Com Port - ...

From HowardA - spartacom modem pooling will apparently do the job, but the problem is that the users of the software are typically running W9x, while the modem pooling will only run on NT.

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