Redirecting a user to another web page

By markjenkins74 ·
Hi there

I am designing a basic web site for our small web hosting company, but I am new to this and the programmming side of things.

Basically the web site is up as follows:

Customer selects a hosting package, by clicking the ?order button? of the hosting package required. Customer is then redirected to the "customer details form." (It's this bit I can't figure out)Customer fills in their details and clicks the "submit button" and is then redirected to the ?complete your order page? Here the customer is given the options of paying through paypal or with their credit card, by clicking the ?Buy Now? button.

If anyone can help with this, that would be great.

I have published a sample of this web site to our test server for anyone that can help to get a better idea of what I need to do.

Thanks in advance

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Assuming this is legit and not spam - which it looks like

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Redirecting a user to ano ...

you need to tell us what code you are using as it changes how you link over.

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I have to agree....

by ---TK--- In reply to Assuming this is legit an ...

my mouse was hovering over the spam button for a minute or two... lol so who's going to open Pandora's box and click on his link?

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I did hover for a while myself , but due to the .org I gave them

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I have to agree....

the benefit of the doubt. Have since done some checks and that URL gives a No Host error page if you click it at the moment.

I'm waiting to see what they say in reply to my first post.

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Redirecting a user to another web page

by markjenkins74 In reply to I have to agree....


Where does it say "spam button" on my test web site?

In your profile under job role it says "Other IS/IT or Technology Function" what the **** does that mean? Can you not get a real IT job so you had make one up?

Get a life man, and stop commenting on stuff you don't understand.

My advise too you is to go back to college learn to spell, and get proper IT Qualification, so when you sign up to IT forums you won't have to put "Other IS/IT or Technology Function" for your job role.

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I think you just blew your chances of any help with THAT one!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Redirecting a user to ano ...

None of them said anything about your site having a 'spam button' on it. They were talking about reporting YOUR 'question' posted here in this forum AS SPAM (i.e. trying to get all of us to click a link to your web site where, for all we know, you get paid for each visit.... i.e. SPAM).

Now that you've gone and shot your mouth off by belittling another member of this web site, you've blown your chances of ever receiving any kind of help from any of us.

I guess you better go back to school and learn how to design web pages, because you're in over your head if you can't figure out a simple thing like this.

Oh, and by the way... a few courses in grammar and spelling while you're there wouldn't hurt you one little bit. If you live in a glass house, don't throw stones!

Adios! Those of us who know how to fix your problem wouldn't lift a finger to help you now. So, get lost!

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by markjenkins74 In reply to I think you just blew you ...

Hey Yankee

Who asked YOU!

You don't know what your taking about, you stupid little Kid!

Get yourself a proper job! according
to your profile you haven't got one

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Redirecting a user to another web page

by markjenkins74 In reply to Assuming this is legit an ...

I am using HTML for this web site.

I can assure you this NOT! attempt to spam, it's totally legit.

The domain name is my surename, so why would I use my own family name for spamming purposes?

I just need to know how to this to get this designed and up and running on the server.


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