Redirecting incoming e-mail exchange 2000

By C0dRM0nk33 ·
I'm trying to redirect incoming email from a single external email address for everyone on the server to a separate mailbox in exchange 2000.

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by Churdoo In reply to Redirecting incoming e-ma ...

You've posted this within the past day or so but I don't understand what you're asking. Can you elaborate?

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Harassment from a former employee

by C0dRM0nk33 In reply to huh?

We have had several emails from a former employee to a few staff and I'm looking for a way to divert emails from the incoming SMTP address to a separate inbox for a possible harassment suit. I would like to do this server side before they go into the staff inboxes.

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Oh I get it ...

by Churdoo In reply to Harassment from a former ...

Incoming email can come in FOR any internal recipient, yet will always be FROM a particular external SMTP addy. And we're talking Exchange 2000.

Well no easy way to single out a single external sender for multiple internal recipients server side, so the next best thing is to turn on archiving for the entire infostore so that EVERY email is saved to a archive mailbox or public folder (with appropriate permissions set of course).

Once you have email archiving turned on, you can periodically export the archiving mailbox or public folder to .pst (EXMERGE or OUTLOOK) and open the .pst in Outlook and filter for the sender's email addy.

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I've already figured as much

by C0dRM0nk33 In reply to Oh I get it ...

I've already figured as much and instead setup a rules wizard script to run on the client side creating a redirection rule. So when they open their Mail any e-mails from that person is filtered out and re sent to the inbox i want.

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