Redirection Fails

By hanekwj ·

I have, in the past, created redirected folder policies successfully between my Windows 7 Clients and Windows Server 2003.

Using the standard method as we know, makes it difficult for the administrator to access or even delete the folder when the user quites or is fired.

I then tried to implement redirection according to this link:**

But now folder redirection does not work, no user folders are created in the directory, shared or not, and files are not being redirected to the server.

Any help will be appreciated.


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by sumitp971 In reply to Redirection Fails


What sort of rights did you give? Did you give read/execute right? If you have given read /exectue in permission it will give you a lot of **** of problems. Did you also check permissions? Because After you have given rights you also need to give permissions to users.

Properly check again and try this hopefully it should work.

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by hanekwj In reply to Hi

Ok, so should i set up the NTFS PERMISSIONS as described in the afore mentioned KB article or should I not?

And then in MMC, GPO, which policy should i define to assign RIGHTS?

It would be really great if you could point me like:

Default Domain Controller Policy
-Computer Configuration
--Windows Settings
---Security Settings
----Local Policies

Or similar

Which policy should i edit?

Sorry, but i dont seem to be able to find it

Thanks though

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