Reducing Phots & Scan for emailing

By ianmcn48 ·
Can someone assist me on how to reduce photos or scanned documents for attaching to an email?
I use hotmail and google mail.
I have Windows Vista.

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If you mean reduce the file size ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Reducing Phots & Scan for ...

Try using Irfanview.
(Download BOTH program and plugins on this site)

Once you have installed Irfanview + Plugins, I recommend that you get this add-on next. It will allow you to access the main Irfanview functions from the right-click context menu.

Now watch the file size plummet. :)

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File Types and Image Editing

by TheChas In reply to Reducing Phots & Scan for ...

As digital cameras and scanners have gone higher in resolution (mega-pixels and dots per inch) the size of the image files grows larger and larger.

One method would be to set your camera and scanner to a lower resolution when you take pictures and scan documents that you know you are going to email.

Another is to look at the file type you are saving them as. JPeg and GIF image formats are compressed formats and have smaller file sizes than BMP or TIFF files.

You can also use compression software on BMP and TIFF images. In Windows Explorer, right click on the file and choose send to compressed folder to create a ZIP compressed file.

Another option is to open up the file with nearly any image editor and select the size function. What you need to do here, is select file size or resolution and lower the resolution until the file is small enough for sending.

You can also crop out unimportant or unneeded sections of pictures and documents to make the file smaller.

I have not looked lately, but there used to be some free-ware programs that could process a batch of files at once to reduce the file size.

Check sites like and for free-ware.


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