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Referenced memory

By sk8nvurt ·
Yesterday I received an error I don't understand. When the error came up I checked my processes and then my system resources. There was nothing unusual in my processes but my CPU usage was about 49%. I also ran Adaware, Spybot and Hijack This and found nothing on my system. The error:
"The instruction 0x0014cd21 referenced memory at 0xffffffff the memory could not be "read"."
If anyone could let me know where this came from I would appreciate it. Please email me at


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by dmiles In reply to Referenced memory

could be a memory problem, could be a pagefile problem, could be a harddrive problem, could be a systemfile problem handling memory/pagfile. Start troubleshooting those areas. For the pagefile, you can try deleting/recreating, for the memory, you can try swapping in/out memory, for drivers, it would help if you had backups when your system was working fine (system state).

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by mzy In reply to Referenced memory

It just probably came from one of your programs that run. If it does not happen systematically to your computer, eg. as soon as it boots up, then Windows is not at fault. Try launching you programs one by one, and see which one gives you the error. Sometimes launching a program may not give you an error, but a specific series of steps on the program does. Try to recall what you did to the computer that caused the problem. Usually, reinstalling the faulty program works.

As to CPU usage about 49%, it is normal, because programs are loading, or needing power to process data before they need to be saved. Could be any program at all, does not need to be windows processes.

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