Referencing another Word document in a Word document

By harry.audus ·
How can I insert a reference in an open Word document to a heading, table, figure etc in another Word document; and include chapters in another Word document in the TOC of the open Word document? This would enable me to break up very large documents into smaller files while preserving cross-referencing.

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Create a cross-reference

You can create a cross-reference only to an item that is in the same document as the cross-reference. To cross-reference an item in another document, you need to first combine the documents into a master document (master document: A "container" for a set of separate files (or subdocuments). You can use a master document to set up and manage a multipart document, such as a book with several chapters.). The item you cross-reference, such as a heading or bookmark, must already exist. For example, you must insert a bookmark before you cross-reference it.

1. In the document, type the introductory text that begins the cross-reference.

For example, type For more information, see
2. On the Insert menu, point to Reference, and then click Cross-reference.
3. In the Reference type box, click the type of item you want to refer to ? for example, a heading.
4. In the Insert reference to box, click the information you want inserted in the document ? for example, the heading text.
5. In the For which box, click the specific item you want to refer to ? for example, the heading for Chapter 6.
6. To allow users to jump to the referenced item, select the Insert as hyperlink check box.
7. If the Include above/below check box is available, you can select this check box to include information about the relative position of the referenced item.
8. Click Insert.

Note Cross-references are inserted as fields (field: A set of codes that instructs Microsoft Word to insert text, graphics, page numbers, and other material into a document automatically. For example, the DATE field inserts the current date.). If your cross-reference looks similar to {REF _Ref249586 \* MERGEFORMAT}, Microsoft Word is displaying field codes (field code: Placeholder text that shows where specified information from your data source will appear; the elements in a field that generate a field's result. The field code includes the field characters, field type, and instructions.) instead of field results (field results: Text or graphics inserted in a document when Microsoft Word carries out a field's instructions. When you print the document or hide field codes, the field results replace the field codes.). To see the field results, press ALT+F9, or right-click the field code, and then click Toggle Field Codes on the shortcut menu (shortcut menu: A menu that shows a list of commands relevant to a particular item. To display a shortcut menu, right-click an item or press SHIFT+F10.).

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Cross-referencing between documents

by harry.audus In reply to Create a cross-reference

Thanks Peconet. I'll give this a try, but it seems I'll be able to cross-reference only in one direction - from the master document down. I'd really like to be able to reference (with automatic updating) from anywhere to anywhere, as is common in technical reports (e.g. See section 5.3.2 or See Figure 3.1). This is straightforward in a single document, of course, but how can I do it when I have several linked documents (or chapters)?

Also, I'm not sure that the method you describe will enable me to create automatically a TOC in the master document, but it seems feasible.

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That's how it works....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Cross-referencing between ...

You said "Also, I'm not sure that the method you describe will enable me to create automatically a TOC in the master document, but it seems feasible."

That's how the master document/sub-document structure works. Links are dynamically updated. If the master changes, the sub's all change. If the subs change, the master changes. It's all done by magic!

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Multi Document Management

by kcthomas44 In reply to Referencing another Word ...

I think this is what you want ultimately...
Multi-document TOC using field codes->
Cross reference between documentes ->

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