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Referral Management Q's - Need input

By dynamicsystems ·
In a sales scenario of potentially multiple independent rep/referral sources of our product/services to large corporations with multiple locations and decision making buyers, what is your advice on:
1-How to feasibly require notice from reps in order to fairly track a referral made at the prospect's corporate office, yet lower levels of purchasing occur where initial referrer may not specifically know how to identify the purchaser, but it is as a result of the reps efforts?
2-How to, in this scenario, protect rights to commissions and sales between referrers at different times/locations of same prospective corporate client?
3-How to deal with calls directly from a client or prospective client that wants to deal directly with our office and not with a given independent rep/referer, for a given reason.
-Thanks in advance for your feedback and advice.

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Wish to relate sale to rep - right?

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Referral Management Q's - ...

Ok if I have understood what you are saying your concerns are about ensuring that the reps get credit for the sale even when it comes back indirectly. So that when rep A give papers to client B1 who talks to B2 who than talks B3 into buying the product but does not know rep A or the contact was from rep A, so B3 rings direct and orders. If that is the scenario you are concerned with, then I have seen this dealt with in the past.

A company I used to work for had no reps of its own but people chased up business on a commission basis for them whilst doing other work. The company had 5 products for sale and each product and each rep had a unique set of item numbers.

Thus rep A would sell products 34A67, 34A68, 34A69, 56A76, 57A83; whilst rep C would sell 34C67, 34C68, 34C69, 56C76, 57C83. Advertising material was printed for each rep with their set of product items printed on it, the reps would give out the brochures and explain that when ordering they had to use the product code stated to make sure that they got the latest versions. Then the orders were automatically commissioned to the reps via the product code sales. Thus the reps even got extra sales from where client B3 tells unknown G7 about product and G7 then buys using the product code from B3.

Just a case of embedding the rep id into the product code.

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