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I have a simple club dues billing invoice set up in Excel. Column A is the billing date. Column B is the description. Column C contains the billed amount. Column D contains the running total of the billed amount from column C AND payments which are reflected in column E. There is a separate "Total Owed" Cell at the end of Column D that needs to reflect the last calculated value in Column D. There may be as many as 20 or 25 rows/cells between the last calculated value in Column D and the Cell in Column D containing the "Total Owed".

I've tried the following formula with no success =index(d19:d48),counta(d19:d48),1). I've also used a formula substituting Match(9.9999999 etc.) for CountA. Both formulas return a Zero amount even when there is an amount that should be reflected in the "Total Owed" cell.

I'm at a loss. This seems like it should be very simple, yet none of my Google searches have led me to anything that will work. I am not an Excel expert by any means. As of now I'm just using =dxx (xx being the last cell with a value) in my "Total Owed" cell, but I have to change that each month and would rather not have to make that change.

Any ideas?? Thanks!!

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