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By agoldstein7 ·
have an old computer running win 2000 that I want to reformat to sell. Can I reformat without wiping out drivers? If not how do I save the drivers to a floppy?

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by Juergen Hartl In reply to Reformat

I assume you are talking about Video drivers etc...
Don't you have the original CDs Discs. with the drivers, or downloaded installation files ?
Burn them on a Cd and supply this cd with the Computer.

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by TheChas In reply to Reformat

If you format the hard drive, you loose all drivers, software, and Windows.

Unless you plan to re-install Windows 2000 before selling the PC, there is NO value in saving the drivers.

The device drivers install differently for different versions of Windows.

What I would do, is identify the hardware, download the latest drivers and burn them onto a CD. That way, who ever ends up with the PC will have the drivers they need.

Keep in mind that a PC that does not include an operating system is worth a LOT less than one with Windows or Linux installed.

Now, I assume that you want to format the drive to protect your personal data.
A standard format will NOT make your data non-recoverable.
You can download numerous utilities that write random data patterns to the drive.

The more you do to the drive, the harder it is for someone to recover your data.


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by prasadiritty In reply to Reformat

Dear you can backup u drivers to a diffrent partition with djt tool(Driver guide tool kit) it available for free download from, run the tool and select list non windows drivers and then select all listed drivers and backup to the prefered path.
After the instalation u will be able to install the drivers from the backup.

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by wlbowers In reply to Reformat

If your computer is a store bought, IBM, HP, Dell, ect. You can download the drivers from their support section.

If it is a custom built you can go into the device manager and write down the components.

Now go to the OEM's sites, and download the drivers.

Once you have them, unzip them if necessary and burn them to a cd.

Good Luck Lee

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