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reformat hard drive but computer freezes

By vp4life84 ·
my computer crashed one day and i tried to boot up the computer with a bootcd and repartition the hard drive and reformat the drive but when it is reformatting, the screen shuts off and it stops and sometimes it has errors where numbers and letters start popping up. i went and got another hard drive to see if that was the problem but it was not it. would anyone know any possible solutions? i was going to try to replace either the motherboard or the processor or maybe even the ram.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to reformat hard drive but c ...

As you have already had the case open did you clean it out?

As for software to test the different parts The Ultimate Boot CD is the answer it will allow you to do stress tests on the CPU and M'Board and as these are open ended tests you can allow them to run for days if they don't fall over in the meantime.

There are many other tests available on this CD and you may wish to test the RAM as well and possibly as a first option before going onto M'Board & CPU tests.



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by n.u.r.v. In reply to reformat hard drive but c ...

You have conviniently taken out mech issues with the HDD by testing with another HDD and having the same issue.

RAM testing or replacement should be the next level, what were you running when the computer crashed, was there a power surge, etc?

Some insight into what really happened just before the crash will also help.

Good luck.

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by vp4life84 In reply to reformat hard drive but c ...

i tried running a RAM test and it still freezes and i also did a hard drive test and that also froze and the monitor shuts off. i tried the ultimate boot cd when it happened. then i tried hiren's boot cd and it also happened. i will try to change the RAM and see how it turns out.

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by doconnor1976 In reply to reformat hard drive but c ...

Last time that happened I went into the Bios and restored to default. For some reason some changes where made. I would try that just enter setup at boot.

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by vp4life84 In reply to reformat hard drive but c ...

hi, i tried doing the BIOS thing and it didn't work. i replaced the RAM and it didn't work. i tried the mother board and it didn't work. when i took it to a computer store, they said it was the RAM that was busted and i told them it was the one that i bought from them so he changed that and it started working. thanks alot for the help.

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by hughiemcginley In reply to reformat hard drive but c ...

All trouble shooting with problems like this should go back to basics.
Romove all except ram and processor and video boot up and reset bios to default. If post is fine then add one item at a time until you discover the faulty item

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