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Reformat Harddrive

By handan ·
I have a Hard drive that was installed with
windows 98. I accidentally installed windows 2000 on the same physical drive (C:). I want to reformat it and install only Windows 2000.
How do I do it?

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by BSchmidt In reply to Reformat Harddrive

Boot from your Windows98 boot floppy and run

fdisk /mbr

then reinstall Win2K. Actually, booting from the Win2K CD will allow you to completely format the drive and put a fresh version down, but the Win98 will still be in the Master Boot Record and Win2K will still recognize it. FDISK /MBR will remedy this.

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by csmith In reply to Reformat Harddrive

What you have now is Win2K on Fat32 file system.
I would recommend the belt and suspenders approach.
"Zero fill" the drive.
This restores the drive to the way you you got it from the factory. (Use the factory disk.)
Next partition it, and format it, strictly with Win2K.
This is assuming you are not going to use FAT32 as the file system.
Fat 32 is great with Win98SE, but I don't recommend it with Win2K.
Regards, Chris

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by wlbowers In reply to Reformat Harddrive

Two ways. Both will erase all partitions on the drive.

Boot to a dos disk and go into fdisk. Delete all dos and non dos partitions.

Boot to either the win 2000 startup disk or directly to the win 2000 cd and do an install.

Boot to the win2000 startup disk or directly to the win 2000 cd.
During the installation you can delete the existing partitions and create new ones.

If you have a partition and want to preserve that, boot to the dos disk and format C

Good Luck Lee

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