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Reformating Windows XP

By sdsmoot ·
My computer running Windows XP caught a virus last week. I am now in the process of reformating the HD. No big loss, just want to clear my HD from all bugs... What is the best way to TOTALLY clean my HD? I have tried fdisk, format c:, tried starting in MS_DOS mode, nothing is letting me reformat. All I want to do is start over and begin fresh. Why is this so hard? I would appreciate step by step instructions on the best way to do this. Can you ever clean the entire HD and registry from the virus I caught... really dont care what virus I had, just want to get rid of it. Thanks.

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by TheChas In reply to Reformating Windows XP

With Windows XP, your hard drive may have been set up as a NTFS volume.

If so, DOS CANNOT recognize the hard drive.

When I wish to install Windows XP fresh, here is what I do:

Boot from a W98 or Me startup disk, or an XP DOS boot disk.

At the DOS prompt, run fdisk.

Delete the "Non-DOS" partitions.

Exit fdisk and re-boot the PC.

Boot up from the XP CD.

Install XP.

As you install XP, you will be asked to setup and format your hard drive.

I believe that you can also do this from the XP startup floppy disk set that you can download from Microsoft.

Then, there are other sources for boot disks that include utilities to help clean your hard drive:

Remove any spaces from the pasted links.

The Ultimate boot CD has a very long list of included utilities, and may be the most helpful.


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by sdsmoot In reply to

Good wide varity of ideas but still not what I was looking for. Thanks for trying. Read my comment.

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by dmiles In reply to Reformating Windows XP

It's pretty easy. In fact Microsoft has done a nice job of taking all the pain out of wiping the hard drive and reinstalling XP. Pop your Windows XP disk in the CD ROM drive and wait for the installation menu to come up.

Choose "Install Windows XP" then it will go into a new screen that lists a bunch of steps. From the from the pulldown menu choose "New Installation (Advanced)" and let the software do the rest.

It will wipe out all the data on your hard drive and put a fresh copy of Windows XP on the system.

There is some evidence however that the XP installer program does not wipe the drive completely.

If you really want to make sure the drive is scrubbed, then see our new Reformat and Reinstall with Windows XP FAQ.

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by sdsmoot In reply to

YOur exactly right, when i use Windows XP New Installation it does not format wipre the drive completely, which is what I wanted. Sorry your answer did not help me. Read my comment.

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by divyanshudutt In reply to Reformating Windows XP

or format it from the pqmagic DOS utility PQDOS ....

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by sdsmoot In reply to

Sorry this did not help my problem, took too much of my time. Read my comment.

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by sdsmoot In reply to Reformating Windows XP

I have tried all 3 answers and nothing has been simple. It has taken me a while to fix my problem on my own. My best fix has been software called Active@KillDisk by LSoft Technologies. They even have a free trial version. Thanks for all the help but I found my own answer.

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by sdsmoot In reply to Reformating Windows XP

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