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Reformatted hard drive- install W98 prob

By jeblack ·
A friend was having problems booting and kept getting error vmm(12)...using Windows Millenium. While I was researching this error she reformatted her hard drive from a windows 98 startup diskette. Now she is trying to reinstall windows 98 from a CD. Here is the problem:

Windows 98 seems to install ok on her computer, but then it gives a message saying it needs to restart to complete installation. On the restart it goes to almost the end (so she says) then does the restart over again. No error message is shown.

I'm getting her info by phone so I'm not real clear on details.

What is wrong? Is there an error log to show why the restart is not completing? Is a file or driver missing?

Any help is much appreciated.

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by robo_dev In reply to Reformatted hard drive- i ...

I would power the PC down when it gets to where it is trying to reboot and see if it continues the install on restart. Make sure the CD is in the drive the whole time and is clean.

If this is a real old PC, I would:

1) Completely reset the BIOS to the factory default settings. Win98 CDs are not bootable, afaik, so make sure the PC is not trying to boot from the CD (boot order in BIOS).

2) Check for ROM Bios updates. Many weird compatibility issues are solved by bios updates.

In general, the original boot issues as well as the current problems could be either some hardware is getting flaky (i.e. the drive) or some weird bios setting, such as a power management setting is hosing it up.

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by TheChas In reply to Reformatted hard drive- i ...

Based on the problems with Windows Me and 98, my first suspect would be bad RAM.

She can try removing and reinstalling the RAM modules as the same symptoms can be caused by a dirty RAM socket.

2 other things that can cause this:

More than 511MB of RAM.

A weak power supply.


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by zlitocook In reply to Reformatted hard drive- i ...

Some computers and 98 had problems finding the CDrom after reboot. It's been awile but the work around was to copy the i386 directory to a small partition and when it reboots point it to the second partition.

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by jeblack In reply to Reformatted hard drive- i ...

She called me this evening and I am embarrassed to say she had left the startup diskette in the A drive while she was installing windows from the D drive. That seems to have caused the reboot cycle.

Thanks for the suggestions. She isn't up and running yet so we may need further help. Thanks again.

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by jeblack In reply to Reformatted hard drive- i ...

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