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reformatted Hardrive wont work no more

By noodlesoupdude ·
I was reformatting a harddrive that was in a computer wit a Soyo motherboard but, after I reformatted with another computer with a msi motherboard and i put it back into the soyo motherboard, when it started up a blue error screen saying that if it was the first time seeing this screen, then to restart computer and if screen shows again then the files may be currupt or sumthing. and now i dont know what to do because i tried to reformatt another time

and my friend told me to reset with the jumper settings but i dont know where they are located on the motherboard itself and if any buddy can make a picure model of it, then that would really help

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by willpd13 In reply to reformatted Hardrive wont ...

What operating system are you using?
If it is Windows XP then it uses the hardware to create a unique hardware key and a hard disk installed on one motherboard may not work on a different one. Please provide more details as to what you are using.

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by ghimpe-- In reply to reformatted Hardrive wont ...

Let me see if i get this straight? You formated and INSTALED windows in the system with the MSI board and then you moved the hard drive in the system with the Soyo board??

If that's corect, you did it wrong. You can't swap mobo's and expect windows to work normaly.

The solution is to format and install XP in the system you are going to use.

Also read this:

Post back with comments or questions.
GooD LucK

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by jkaras In reply to reformatted Hardrive wont ...

well I've never tried it but here is a decent dite that gives good instruction if you want to move a hdd from one machine to another.

as for the picture of your motherboard just go to the site and download its picture/manual from their site. as long as you have the mdl# no problemo. usually the jumpers are located by the cmos battery. you just remove the jumpers to the other position for a few seconds then back, power up and whammo. sometimes you have to just leave them off or just remove the cmos battery if able for a few minutes.

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by zlitocook In reply to reformatted Hardrive wont ...

The jumper settings he was talking about are on the hard drive. When he formatted the drive he more then likely slaved it to his hard drive. This means he move a small jumper plug on your hard drive. There are a small set of pins on your hard drive, most likely on the back. There should be about six or eight pins there. There should be a diagram on top of the drive which tells you which pins do what. MS means master which is what you need, SL means slave which is what you do to add a drive, and CS which is cable select and most of the time is not used.
You really should format and install with the computer that you are using. Because it will locate and install the correct drivers.

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by donmars In reply to reformatted Hardrive wont ...

Firstly I am assuming all you are doing is formating the drive and not installing an OS or any programs on it. I do not see how doing this could blue screen the next computer you install it in. However if you use the disk set program that comes with the drive (some HDD makers supply a setup floppy) it may be installing an overlay program on the drive that your MB does not like since it may have taken settings from the bios on one MB to optimize the drive but those settings do not exist (not set) on the other MB (motherboard)such as ultra DMA stuff and others. If this is the case you should format the drive raw, using FDISK from a boot floppy (win 98 boot disk) or boot off the CD with the OS CD and format from there though if there is an overlay program installed that may or may not work.

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by Absolutely In reply to reformatted Hardrive wont ...

What utility did your friend use to reformat the drive?

Did your friend also install an operating system?

It is important for troubleshooting to know, as a previous poster has commented, whether a hard drive manufacturer's formatting algorithm was used, or the more standard Windows FDISK format, or formatted from the operating system, etc. My Maxtor drive, for example, includes instructions about several scenarios in which their formatting tool should NOT be used.

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