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    Reformatting harddrive(s)


    by fullyfamous ·

    I have 2 harddrives in my PC: one is 15g’s formatted into 3 drives, one is 40g’s formatted into 3 drives. I have a copy of WIN XP on the first drive (C). I did a “fresh” install of WIN XP on the 2nd drive (E), intending to “uninstall” the old copy of WIN XP from drive C, and free up that space. However, windows won’t let me delete the first copy of XP on C because there’s “files needed to run windows”. Because my PC is running slow now, I want to completely reformat my first drive, reinstall windows on it, and get rid of the XP on drive E. How do I do that? I believe drive C says it’s the system disk, and drive E is the boot disk.

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      by mr.wiz ·

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      Boot from your XP install disk and then delete partitions, reformat partitions, or whatever you need to do as part of the installation. You can’t have two copies of XP running in a non-multiboot system at the same time, Windows sort of combines both and won’t let you get rid of either one.

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      by w2ktechman ·

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      Best bet
      remove old drive (c), install XP on second drive. Slave the original drive afterwards, gather data, etc. and format.
      Use a drive scrubber
      then flip what was done and install XP on the original drive again

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      by zlitocook ·

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      Back up your files to CD/DVD and boot to your XP CD do a new install on the C: drive. Format the second and use it as storage and move you page file there. Restore your files to ether drive.

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      by mjd420nova ·

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      Best and easiest way is to disconnect the data/control cable (the ribbon cable) from the first drive and let it attempt to boot from the second drive, it shouldn’t, but would install the OS without messsing up any files already on the drive. Be prepared for a number of choices you’ll have to make about whether to overwrite or skip some files. Always skip unless you are intimate with a particular file or program. Be aware that just about every install I’ve ever done will partition and assign secondary partitions can get confusing but try to keep track and be aware that files will be written to all partitions even though that’s not where you installed the OS originally. This can confuse the hell out of the system when tags get read and the OS goes off the deep end trying to find a specific tag where it resides but holds invalid parameters. If you’ve a mind to, just swap the drives and see if it will find the tags and allow you to boot anyway. You might be surprised.

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