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Reforming an IT Service Delivery Team - Part 1

By gilbert.oconnor ·
Short Case

Typically the IT Service Delivery team are the "unsung heroes" as often they gdt no credit yet take all the blame once things go awry. This fact can often lead to Service Delivery Staff feeling despondent and more often than not, feel as if they are not part of an important larger effort.

Given these above realities it is important to have strong leadership and guidance as if not, the following issues most times occur;
1. Spiraling and unmanaged help desk queues
2. Non productive staff
3. Disjoint from the Larger IT Divisional effort
4. High Absenteeism

I have recently been given the task of leading an IT Service Delivery team exhibiting the above symptoms. I made a decision to chronicle my efforts here weekly (4 part), in the hope that it assists others who may have similar experiences.

Week 1 - Devise and Execute Restructure plan

When I was given the task by the IT Division head, the issues we (The IT Management Committee) had with the service delivery were already well documented . I quickly devised a s short term plan aimed at quick a quick turnaround of the team (Plan 3 - 4 months )

The Plan was as follows;
1. Formalizing Routine Tasks
2. Automate Mundane Tasks
3. Engage in Value added projects

As a short period of turnaround was envisioned, it helped that my Senior Manager approved my intended course of action and allowed me to proceed.

At my initial meeting with the team of 6, the tone was set, and the objectives given to me by Management was articulated clearly to them. From then on first week of my appointment was tasked with formalizing the routine tasks.

By formalizing the routine tasks, my plan was to develop a list of Daily, Weekly, and monthly tasks that are to be performed by this team. These were the thingd that will be done outside of regular incident handling. The aim here was to establish accountability among team members, and to get members into a routine in keeping with how the rest of the division operates.

So at eh end of Week 1, these were the achievements;
1. Creation of a Recurring task list for Daily, Weekly and monthly Tasks
2. 40% Reduction of open cases
3. Establishment of Weekly Team Briefings

Again, it is my hope that this information finds interest with someone in this very qualifies Technology forum. I am very open to suggestions and invite any question/comments as I strive to achieving excellence in my team.

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keep em coming

by jason.deyalsingh In reply to Reforming an IT Service D ...

very interesting read! looking forward to the other parts

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Week 2 - Routine Tasks and Introduction of Spiceworks

by gilbert.oconnor In reply to Reforming an IT Service D ...

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, my plan for reforming the team in the short term was centered around the following tenants I coined
1. Formalizing Routine Tasks
2. Automating Mundane Tasks
3. Engagin in Value Added projects

At the end of Week 1, Routine tasks were documented and formalized. This along with other achievements made for what I believe to be a successful week.

The 2nd Week was about introducing some automation in to how incidents are handeled. The current state of the Service Delivery team was one where things were not as efficient as they could be. Several factors needed to be addressed a few of which I will outline ;

Instances of Cases falling through the cracks
Ability to Properly Track Issues specific to hardware
Ability to perform proactive maintenance on end User PCs
Tracking purchases for specific hardware

In addition to the above issues, we were using BMC Magic which was very expensive and did not offer out of the box fixes to the issues we identified. A decision was made as a result to not renew our subscription to Magic and Introduce Spiceworks into the environment.

The very basic road map for spiceworks was as follows
1. Implementation of the Helpdesk Module
2. Implementation of Monitoring and Alerts
3. Implementation of the Purchasing Module
4. Rollout of User Portal
5. Implementation of Change Module
6. Implementation of Asset Management Module

The Helpdesk, Monitoring, and Purchasing modules will be rolled out internally within a 4 week period and companywide rollout to follow shortly after.

At the End of Week 2, these were the teams achievements
Rollout of Routine Tasks
Engagements of Staff in value added Projects
Shift to a Target Based culture
Presentation of Spiceworks Helpdesk module

Again, it is my hope that this information finds interest with anyone here in this Technology forum. I am very open to suggestions and invite any question/comments as I strive to achieving excellence in my team.

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Week 3?

by lothompson In reply to Reforming an IT Service D ...

This is very helpful. Did I miss Week 3?

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