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By steve ·
I have a XP machine setup to show a screensaver from a shared folder. It runs all the time and when we want to add a new image to the screensaver, we just copy the new image to the shared folder from another computer. However, the new image does not display in the slideshow unless you stop the slideshow and let it restart. Is there a way to have this refresh automatically or have the image added to the slideshow whenever a new file is added to the folder?

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auto refresh

by steve In reply to well....

It is XP Pro and I know how to set it up and it is working. However, what I want to is this. This monitor will be set to rotate some images in a service department with advertising specials. I have a shared folder on the network that is where the images are that rotate on the screensaver. From another PC I upload new pictures and remove others from the shared folder. However, they are never added or removed from the slideshow screensaver unless I stop the current screensaver and let it start again. Then it will update.
I was looking for a way to be able to update the screensaver without having to go to that PC and move the mouse to stop the screensaver.

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by EdLockett In reply to refresh slideshow screens ...

You might be able to use a remote tool to kill the screen saver process. I would use Pskill, a tool included in the SysInternals suite, which can be downloaded from Microsoft. Worth trying to see if it works.

Another option that could be useful would be to use a program which generates a keypress at regular intervals.

Hope these ideas are useful..
Good luck

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