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    Refurbished Mac


    by nathantipping ·


    Hi Guys,

    I’ve had an iPhone for may years now and I’m looking at expanding my Apple collection and purchasing a refurbished Mac.

    I’ve had a look on Google and found a few companies that sell refurbished Macs, however, I know that you can buy Macs refurbished directly from Apple.

    Has anyone ever bought a refurbished Apple product from an independent company before? If so, what was your experience like?

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      Most certainly have, and,

      by mrmacfixit ·

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      will certainly do so again, without hesitation.
      Refurbished Macs, purchased from Apple, have been brought back to their original standard, come with a One Year Warranty (Same as a new one) and are eligible for AppleCare extended warranty coverage.
      No other seller of refurbished Macs can offer all the above/
      Buy with confidence.

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        Thank you

        by nathantipping ·

        In reply to Most certainly have, and,

        Thank you for your answer, ill have a look at Apple. What are the prices like? I’ve just had a look at a third party site selling iMacs. They seem fairly reasonably priced. What are the prices like from Apple?

        [i]Link to shop removed by moderator.[/i]

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          For prices I went to…

          by rproffitt ·

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 and checked them out. What they have changes daily it seems so I can’t share any examples here.

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          The third party site will almost certainly

          by mrmacfixit ·

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          be cheaper than Apple.
          However, Apple do the refurbishing themselves. Anything that needs replacing is.
          Check the warranty length, the availability of AppleCare at the third party site
          Both are factors you should consider

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