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By peetree ·
I am establishing an Excel workbook that has a listing of deposits into an account. However, I would like to have a calculation for a withdrawal therein, to keep track of the balance. Can this be accomplished by a formula? I have a very slim understanding of any programing!

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Don't you use the SUM function to get a total?

by Ron K. In reply to Regarding an Excel calcul ...

Let's say that the SUM function resides in B1 and gives you the total for A1:A20. All you have to do is enter a minus sign for any withdrawal in the range A1:A20 and B1 will change downward accordingly.

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Thank you

by peetree In reply to Don't you use the SUM fun ...

I was using that already. Was looking towards a way of utilizing a nested-type of IF formula - neglected to inform of that. I have used IF formulas before with success. However, they were simple in form. E.g.: =IF(C29="D",(F28+E29),IF(C29="C",(F28-E29),IF(C29="W",(F28-E29),0)))... I have several columns. 1) Is the date. 2) Is whether it's deposit [d] or a withdrawal [w]. 3) Is the transaction [anticipated total]. And 4 is the actual completed transaction. Hope this sheds some further light on what I am trying to do; this is for my own accord.

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