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Regarding ASA Box and blocking URL's

By prem_m ·
Hello All,

Im not so much into networks and system administration. Im into Portal developments.
Now to place our portal on the internet, an ASA box is going to be set up. What exactly is an ASA box? Is it just a proxy server/filter.

Now my question is like this:
My portal URL is http://host:port/myportal
Now we wish to allow end users to only be able to enter this URL from the internet.
Now the above URL opens a page with many hyperlinks to different pages e.g. http://host:port/prt/servlet.... which is not visible in the address bar.
At the same time it also through the links on the first page opens application on other servers applications e.g. http://hostnumber2:port/abc/def which is also not visible in the address bar but flashes in the status bar.

Now we would like the ASA box to allow these URL's to be implicitly invoked
BUT Disallow a USER to copy those URL's and hit it directly from the address bar e.g. It should allow my portal through links to navigate to http://hostnumber2:port/abc/def but not allow the page resulting from http://hostnumber2:port/abc/def to be directly launched when a user pastes thta in the address bar and hits enter.

I hope ive explained this well.
Waiting for a response.
Thanks in advance.


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