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Regarding case of hp

By membo1985 ·

There is a big dispute between hp and oracle for itanium support.
I wanted to know will hp-ux be stable in future or it will have a short period survival in IT industry.As each & everyone aware, hp-ux has a best security.
Also if oracle wins case, then there would be any impact on hp-ux market.

Currently I have been working on Linux.
But due to no more scope available in Linux administration, I am thinking to switch in Hp-ux. But the clash between hp and oracle creating a fear on my mind...

Kindly suggest best thing....

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Sorry but the SCSI Interface

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Regarding case of hp

For my Crystal Ball broke many years ago and it's been impossible to find a replacement.

Hence I'm unable to for tell what the outcome of any Court Case will be and the effects of that Outcome.

However the CEO of HP has stated they they want to move away from Hardware and go deep into the Software side of things so I very much doubt that something as little as a loss in a Court Case will cause HP to dump what's it's been working with for a while and intends to develop greatly.

That is however just MY OPINION and I could be completely wrong.


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HAL, HP reversed that position

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Sorry but the SCSI Interf ...

I recall HP backpedaling from the 'software over hardware' stance just a few weeks after announcing it. This coincided with firing the CEO who developed and announced that strategy. Apparently the announcement came as a big surprise to the shareholders, and his replacement is going with 'business as usual'.

Of course, none of that is useful in predicting a court case or the life of product support.

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Yep Pally I know that

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to HAL, HP reversed that pos ...

However HP is still forging ahead with it's software side but now not at the expense of the Hardware side of the business.

They sounded like IBM many years ago now however they sound as if they plan on growing the entire business. No matter the outcome of the court case I just can't see them dumping the Software side of the business any time soon.


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