Regarding change of pcb in mobile

By rahulwalame ·
I replaced the pcb in the mobile in order to enable detectioj of my memory card but anther problem popped its head up ad that is flickering of lights without any change in primary settings and second error in installation of java apps.The above problems were not present previously and my phone used to function proerly even in case of water damaged PCB.kindly help me to solve this problem.

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Well at a guess

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Regarding change of pcb i ...

As Mobile Phones do not have any HDD or other storage device except the RAM on the PCB I would imagine that when you changed the PCB you also changed the settings that where on your phone so that you need to restore the settings on the new PCB that where on the old PCB.

Of course knowing which PCB and Which Make & Model Phone it is may help some others who repair phones but that my best guess.


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The flickering lights issue is a bad connection

by robo_dev In reply to Regarding change of pcb i ...

Did the phone go into salt water, fresh water, or somewhere else?

Typically the connection to the lights in the unit is either a pressure-fit to the main PCB or there is a ribbon-cable snapped into an edge connector. It's very common that the tech who pluggs in the ribbon cable does not seat it properly, then the connection is faulty. If yours uses a pressure-fit connection, then there may be corrosion on the connector from water.

the JAVA issue is probably related to the version of the firmware or OS of the device. If it's possible to do a firmware/OS update to the phone, that may fix it.

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