Regarding CISA and Masters in Business System Analysis

By vaqar.hyder3567 ·
For the last 1 year I have been involved in the .Net based Software Development. But the job is bit hectic in a certain manner that most of our clients are US, UK or EU based. Honestly I am sick of sitting late night as I need to communicate with the the foreign client. Now I think of a bit deviation. I have started preparing for CISA. After doing CISA I would go for Masters in Business System Analysis. Which University and from which Country? as I only have $15000. Anyways howz the overall plan? your suggestions are all I need....
Thanx in Anticipation

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What sort of job do you seek?

by robo_dev In reply to Regarding CISA and Master ...

CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) is a good cert, if that's your field.

A Masters degree is never a bad thing, though it costs a whole lot to get.

If you are doing software development, and that is your career goal, then you should spend money learning more about programming through training seminars and university course work.

A Masters in 'Business System Analysis' sounds like it would prepare you to be a business analyst??

The best bet would be to go to an university in the same place where you think you may want to work, as many schools maintain good relationships with employers in their area, which may help you find a job after graduation.

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Regarding CISA and Masters in Business System Analysis

by vaqar.hyder3567 In reply to What sort of job do you s ...

Thanx a million for your response....
Actually I wanted to say "Masters in Business Information Systems".Perhaps I missed out the word "Information" which relates the whole Master degree to IT. This ways I can keep up with CS graduation that I completed last December. CISA will give me an added advantage + I'll get into IT Governance and Audit. To be very specific I want to be an IT Auditor(Compliance). Over here in Pakistan, it is a growing field. please let me know about ur views ?
Thanx in anticipation

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Here in the states....

by robo_dev In reply to Regarding CISA and Master ...

there is not a great requirement for advanced degrees in the IT Audit profession.

For IT Audit in a Banking or Finance environment, an MBA would be valuable, but for the most part, IT auditors tend to have LOTS of certifications, but only an undergraduate degree.

An employer looking to hire an IT auditor would be more impressed if you had the CISA, CISSP, CIA, as well as MCSE, Cisco, Oracle, or SAP certifications versus a masters degree in anything.

The main skills that an IT Auditor needs are a solid understanding of computers, IT security, and applications plus good analysis/writing skills, as well as some understanding of finance/ business processes.

An advanced degree would be needed mainly if you were an IT Auditor in a very complex technical environment, such as a research facility or an educational institution where advanced degrees are taken for granted.

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