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    Regarding CPU Usage


    by gamma_sucker_destruction2002 ·

    Hi, I am new to this forum.

    I got a problem here, which is whenever I turn on my computer and I did nothing to it for 1 or more hours, the computer CPU usage rise up from 1-10% to 50+% for no reason when I didnt even do anything. I try using Free Edition of AVG Anti virus, Adware SE Personal, SPY BOT S&D, and also registry cleaner and optimizer to do what I possibly could, but it sounds like it doesn’t work.

    So any seniors in this forum please help me out here. Much appreciated. Thank you so much.


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      One thought

      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to Regarding CPU Usage

      This sounds like you signed up for one of those grdi computing type programs. Where you have offered the use of your CPU, while it is idle.

      Or you could have your anti-virus program, or another program, set to scan the system when it is idle.

      Or you could have your computer set to “wake on lan” and your on a network wher you are getting scanned every once and awhile.

      Orr.. It could be many things. If you can see that your CPU usages rises, then you should be able to see what service is using it.

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      by gamma_sucker_destruction2002 ·

      In reply to Regarding CPU Usage

      BUMPZ please help thanx

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      by wynand.coetzee ·

      In reply to Regarding CPU Usage

      pull out your network cable or switch off your modem
      try to disconnect your pc from the internet and see if the problem persists

      you must allways have a firewall installed if your pc is not behind a corporate firewall (at work)

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