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Regarding Hard drive controllers, etc..

By comptekm ·
I do all soarts of data recovery and I'd like to know all the types of drives out there that I would need a controller card for. I know RAID i'd have to get a 60 pin scsi controller card. and i really don't know what else and i just know ultra3 scsibut i don't know exaclty what to get to plug all these types of drives in my ide system

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Regarding Hard drive controllers, etc..

by TheChas In reply to Regarding Hard drive cont ...

1. Drives larger than your motherboard supports would need a seperate IDE controller card.

2. IDE RAID arrays. Although, you may be able to perform data recovery with the drive connected as a normal IDE drive.

3. Serial ATA. This is the newest drive interface.


5. Firewire

6. RLL /MFM (depending on how old a system you wish to support.


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