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By srimirraalfassa ·
I need to know whether a Router has an IP?
If yes, how many IP's can be assigned to a router?

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by CG IT In reply to Regarding Router

and the second answer is ..depends on the router and which interface...

some routers can handle multiple global local addresses on the WAN interface. Some can handle only 1 global local address on the WAN interface. Some do one to one NAT. some do many to one NAT.

Some routers can have 2 LAN interfaces therefore 2 LAN addresses. Some have only 1 LAN interface therefore only 1 LAN address.

some can have multiple LAN interfaces 3 or more all routing through each of the interfaces to different network segments....

so...there you go

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Just a thought

by davecar In reply to Regarding Router

You would have to be more specific to get a response that will help you. Depending what kind and make of router you are wanting to know about I could not say if it has an IP address out of the box, some do all the work and others you need to configure manually before they manage to talk. The same goes for your second question, but as a first responce I would say you would have 1 IP address for 1 router.. again you need to provide more information for more help.

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by Churdoo In reply to Regarding Router

Routers by definition, in order to route IP traffic, must have an IP address on each interface that it's routing between.

SOHO router appliances (SOHO = Small Office / Home Office) generally have 1 external and 1 internal IP, and some can be configured with more IP's.

Business-Enterprise grade routers can be configured with many interfaces and many IP's

Edited: Oops! For whatever reason, I didn't see that others had already responded to this sufficiently.

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One more info needed

by srimirraalfassa In reply to Routers

Thanks for all replies, now i got the solution for my question,

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