Regarding UNIX flavours

By sampathkaran ·

I would like to go for unix administrator certification but i am confused with which flavour of unix such as Sun solaris, Redhat, IBM aix would best in terms of carrer growth. Could someone suggest me for the question

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Bewilderment indicates something:

by john.a.wills In reply to Regarding UNIX flavours

that you do not know enough about Unix use to be a good Unix administrator. Try being a Unix (it doesn't matter much which implementation) programmer for a while; then work your way up to administrator certification (again,the implementation should not matter much). Skills should be transferable among the implementations.

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Flavor does not matter, but

by robo_dev In reply to Regarding UNIX flavours

In terms of what is more marketable:

My opinions/observations:

IBM AIX has a big market share. It is fairly common in big IT shops where they have a history of using IBM mainframes and IBM midrange (AS/400) systems. But in a lot of cases RHEL (redhat enterprise linux) is taking away it's market share.

Sun Solaris (Sun is now part of Oracle Corp) is a very mainstream Unix flavor, as I have seen many big Oracle database shops run them on Solaris. Solaris also tends to be prevalent in e-commerce and various financial and banking applications.But also in a lot of cases RHEL (redhat enterprise linux) is taking away it's market share.

RHEL is more common on the Internet side of the fence. Keep in mind that deep under the covers, VMware ESX has it's 'roots' in Redhat, and you will see a lot of Redhat used for web servers and hosting companies, and it's more and more common these days as a database server.

The Big difference here is that Solaris runs on (fairly expensive) Sun servers, AIX runs on (fairly expensive) IBM servers, and RHEL runs on everything from a dirt-cheap Dell server to the (very expensive) IBM zSeries mainframe.

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They all look alike... with some differences!!!

by ghislain.levesque In reply to Regarding UNIX flavours

Solaris Sparc/Intel is the same!!! except the platform of course...
HP-UX, AIX, DEC Unix (not a lot of it...), DG-UX, OSF1 (for the oldest) maybe 10-20% approx is different when it comes about hardware configuration... and some command are almost the same (some options are differents).

Linux flavor is starting to pickup the market a lot... Redhat in particular. But like the other Unix flavor... you have the choice here too: redhat, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu, Suse, CentOS, etc...

Someone mention Solaris SPARC being expensive... yes, but you could used Solaris for Intel on less expensive hardware and still get amazing performance!

PS: Performance on Linux base is quite amazing and hard to beat....

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Go for

by mrsharyf In reply to Regarding UNIX flavours

Red Hat. ItsInteroperable.. I find that a lot of companies are going for it these days,

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