Regcleaner mistake

By Problematicandneedhelp ·
hey guys, i hope you guys can help me..recently i downloaded Regcleaner. Am not aware of the software and i didn't made any survey. I thought it was safe to delete registry which has been slowing down the PC. And it turns out to be a mistake. I accidentally deleted a bunch of registry which made my computer can't seem to open any folder in the computer. Including my documents, even the drive C is no longer available (hidden or something). As for my documents, it is there but everytime it is clicked 'this operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.' pops up. Please, i need your guidance and feed backs. Thanks

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Regcleaner mistake

by krama0 In reply to Regcleaner mistake

start computer keep pressing f8 and select safe mode. Once safe mode is up you maybe able to restore the system to a time before you use the regcleaner using system restore

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First things First

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Regcleaner mistake

Any Register Change in a Windows Computer without knowing what you are doing is lethal to the OS.

Secondly if you are unable to access your Files you can use a Live Linux to start the computer without Windows Running and copy your Data to whatever Backup Media you have available if you have not already done this and then using whatever System Recovery Media that was provided by the System Maker you can reload your computer.

You can download one of the Distributions from here

http://www.livecdlist .com/
remember to remove the space from between livecdlist and the .com for a working link.

Or you could try your Local Newsagent for a Linux Mag with a Live Linux as a Cover Disc to boot the system and copy your Data from it.


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Regcleaner mistake

by pghegseth In reply to Regcleaner mistake

As a tech, my mantra has always been..."If you don't know what you're doing... don't do it!". Especially when it comes to a customer's machine. One of the first items to remember is to not touch the registry unless you have a solid reason and some reliable guidelines to follow; but, first back it up and store it somewhere other than on the hard drive itself. Miss this step and you are in trouble when it all goes irretrievably wrong (as it seems to be in your case).
Now, your choices are likely limited to:
1. Back-up all your recoverable data (see 'first things first')
2. Reload your operating system (the process to do this varies with system manufacturer and type)
3. Reload and setup all your applications (hopefully, you didn't pirate anything)
4. Restore the data
5. Learn from this experience

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