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    Regedit clean-up


    by jaysonrex ·

    I was told from various sources that I should use a “Regedit clean-up” foftware to improve the speed and performance of my PC.
    It uses Windows XP Home, and has 3G RAM on Intel Core 2 Quad. Many thanks.

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      by jaysonrex ·

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      Registry Clean-up Software

      by thindraug ·

      In reply to Regedit clean-up

      Ccleaner is a good one. It not only cleans up the registry, but any unnecessary files that may be cluttering your hard drive.

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      little registry cleaner

      by snuffy09 ·

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      ccleaner is good for cleaning temp files but the registry cleaner leaves a lot of things “unfixed”

      i like little registry cleaner, and yes its free

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