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Has anyone ever tried Uniblue Registry Booster v2 ? If so is it safe to use?

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No i have not used this, but you can try it.. I use RegCure..

It is very good at what it does, it not only fixes a few registry problems it places a restore point on your hdd so if anything goes wrong, you can at least restore back to that point also it optimizes your system so it runs smoother. Many a times i have had a problem with programs i am testing out that thinks it is the boss of the system but they do not last long (the program(s)that is)and i had to do a restore back to the RegCure restore point. RegCure:
You are free to choose what fits your system, different people have different software so they will most properly give you other links for you to try.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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More Info

by t1944s In reply to No i have not used this, ...

I wint to the web site and ran there free scan, and the program ststed that I have a total of 1862 returns. How would be able to run my sys with all of these? I ran two others Reg Booster and PC Registry and these programs stat that the sam or more.

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If youhave not used any Registry cleaners before ..

Then this many returns it shows is slowing your system down, IE: temp files, files that are still showing in your "documents" on the start menu. These build up and makes your computer slow and then you start getting get errors of some sorts. The choice is yours to pick, out of all the ones i have tested over the years, i back RegCure for giving your computer a good clean out. RegCure is the only one (so far) that does a restore point, not many others do that. I have five licenses for my computers and i have had not one little problem with them since i have put this RegCure on. But (like i said) the choice is yours.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Regcure vs. Registry Booster

by kirk227 In reply to Registery

I've been using Registry Booster for about a month or so and it works fine. Yesterday I had some problems with shutting down xp. I did a google search and found "Free Fix for XP shutdown problems". I downloaded Regcure and it did a registry scan. Half way through it had found 500+ reg errors. This was 10 minutes after running Registry Booster. At this point it froze. I couldn't do anything. I actually had to unplug the computer to shut down. I rebooted and tried to do a restore. No Go. Again I had to Unplug. My point is, How can one top rated registry fixer totally disagree with another about how my registry is supposed to be. I had to remove the hard drive and use a backup disk. I believe if either of them is worth a s--t it's Registry Booster but I can't understand why they disagree totally on reg health.

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