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    Registry “clean-up”


    by jaysonrex ·

    I was told that in order to speed up my PC (with Windows XP Home SP2) I should download and use a Registry Clean-up program such as Registry Cleaner, Registry Mechanic, Registrybooster plc, etc.
    Did anybody use such program and what was the outcome? Did it help the user or just the manufacturer?
    Many thanks for your help.

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      by jaysonrex ·

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      With Reservations….

      by captbilly1eye ·

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      The value of Registry cleaners has always been debated.
      It is a fact that a fragmented and bloated Registry will slow your Windows system down. But how to correct the issue properly is the question. Many stick with the idea that periodic reformatting and reinstalling is the best course.
      Whatever tool or means you use, make sure you create a backup of the Registry first and feel comfortable on how to go about restoring it.

      I have tried dozens of Registry ‘cleaners’ and ‘defragmenters/compressors’ over the years.

      My favorite cleaner is the one included with Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) from Systweak:
      It also does an excellent job of defragging.

      But for the best freeware product, I recommend the free version of Abexo:
      It includes a tool to easily backup the Registry as does ASO.

      A good free Registry Defragger only utility is the one from iExpert Software:

      Registry Mechanic from PC Tools is also a good product but I didn’t find it to be worth the cost. IMHO

      The worst one I found was one called RegistryFix (it removed valuable keys).

      Good Luck.

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        Warning about IExpert Free Registry Defrag

        by thinkbig ·

        In reply to With Reservations….

        I Tried Free Registry Defrag/Compact (Freeware) – Version 2.32 from IExpert Software to test.

        In just the scan mode, it crashed my computer (Windows XP Pro SP2) and gave me the blue screen.

        I had to restart in safe mode to remove as the computer would not restart in normal mode.

        After removing the software my computer was fine.



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      I do not recomend

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to Registry “clean-up”

      Any type of registry cleaner because even with a reg back up it can cause MS programs to be seen as pirate installs.
      The cleaners modify and remove entries which may help speed up your computer. But when updating your O/S Microsoft will see that its installed programs have been changed.
      I have been through this on three contracts and now on my job now. I was trying to fix/speed up a managers laptop so I did the basics, did disk clean up, defrag, ran antivirus, spyware, malware and removed all files from users of that computer.

      The use of a registry cleaner had removed our corp. installed OEM id’s and cleaned out the registry entries for the user to log in locally.

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