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    registry editing


    by bottomsup ·

    Disabling the change of desktop///??
    i have a problem, i have about 60 laptops that go out with employees every day. i the problem is that i have the my computer,network neighborhood and my documents hiden, well not hidden i merely replaced the icon so it looks like the background of the windows destop “solid blue”> now i have a couple of employees that have figured out how to get to my computer and get into things they shouldn’t be gettin into. so i want to set the registry up so that you can’t change the desktop at all. i already did the and nothing is taking , you can still change the desktop and it stays where you changed it as opposed to NOT saving and defauling to original position.
    all help is welcome, thanks again
    computer analyst,

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      Try Terminal server discussion boards

      by katejlogan ·

      In reply to registry editing

      I know this isn’t a direct answer to your question, but I work w/ terminal servers and participate on lots of discussion boards regarding that. In terminal server world your problem is everyone’s problem and I know there are hacks posted on some sites to help deal with this.

      Try: or

      If I come across the hacks in my surfing, I’ll re-post w/ the hacks.


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      Look into Policy Editor

      by billc124 ·

      In reply to registry editing

      I would look into the policy editor. You didn’t say which version of windows you are using, so I would look on the CD that came with the OS. There is one for 95 that I think will run on any os. It is basically a graphical representation of the registry that will allow you to restrict what people can do. More information would be available at Microsoft’s site.

      Hope this helps you.

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