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    Registry Error message


    by coyne_n ·

    When i boot up my computer I continually get two error messages saying they can’t run or load programm go to registry and remove reference to the program however i don’t know what program in registry to edit. I have tried deleting values that were blank but it doesnt help. i am reluctant to mess around with the registry unless i know what to do, i have exported the file for saftey thought.

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      by carlos.nino ·

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      If you can remember the last programs you uninstalled, even if they were trash, you might have a clue. Anyway, you can try the Registry Mechanic to check for lost keys, etc.:

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      by mikelazz ·

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      Oen up the registry. Go to \Hkeylocalmachime\software\microsoft\currentversion\run. On the right hand side, it will show you what programs are loaded at startup. If you recently removed a program or perhaps a virus, it could still appear here. Look to see if there is a program listed that you recently removed. If you don’t see anything that is not supposed to be there, try the registry key \Hkeylocalmachime\software\microsoft\currentversion\run for the same. Also try going to start>programs>startup and look for the same.

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      by w.meier ·

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      I would like to suggest the following in making an attempt to solve your problem.
      There are several excellent utilites present that will assist you in finding the problem and solve it for you.

      However, prior to using them always make sure thta you make a back of the registry; should anythign fail and/or go wrong you have a copy of the registry prior to your attempt in correcting the problem.

      Three utilities well worth paying a registration fee will help you.
      (1) TweakXP-Pro
      (2) System Mechanic
      (3) RegClean

      Each will look at your registry, indicate what and where the problem is and therefore provide a recommendation.

      TweakXP-Pro has an additional feature in thta it will laso display what programs are loaded at boot time etc which can be unchecked.

      All utilites will indicate if and what link/shortcuts etc are missing, broken and need to be repaired.

      Although I may not have given a direct solution for you, I do feel I have given you the means to find by giving you the tools to help you with your problem.

      I have all three utilities or program and very happy with them all.

      From your explaination of the problem it appears to be an indication that a program or link may have been not completly or correctly unistalled. This does happen often when after a program is unistalled and does not completly remove all isntances or evidence of the program.

      It looks like you have an orphan link or pointer to a non-existent program that was previously removed. The above named programs or utilities will certainly help you.

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      by juergen hartl ·

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      All answers are correct. But XP has its own tool to troubleshoot startup problems. Goto start->run then type msconfig.exe. The program gives you an oversight of what gets startet when your computer boots.
      Besides the registry path
      there are numerous other locations that have startup progrms in them amongst others:



      Then there are startup groups:
      drive:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

      drive:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

      The problem could also be in a “Service” not starting prperly.

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