Registry File Failure XP

By wm.r.schultz ·
Tured on computer (after grandson had been on) and got a blue screen with error c0000218. Cannot open in any mode. Cannot go to last known working config either. I am using XP.

Can someone help me please?

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See Step 2 here:

by seanferd In reply to Registry File Failure XP

If chkdsk is able to repair the drive, or no errors are found, do a Repair Install of Windows by starting from the Windows CD and choosing Repair.

It would probably also be a good idea to test the hard drive with the HDD vendor's testing utility. Just find out who made the HDD, and visit their support site to find the utility.

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Cannot chkdsk

by wm.r.schultz In reply to See Step 2 here:

Thanks for the suggestions.

Changed boot sequence to start with CD drive.
Used Dell CD supplied with computer (no windows disk) When I try to enter chkdsk it shows a message "DOS MENU.BAT mising"

Do not have a WINDOWS XP disk available.

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by seanferd In reply to Cannot chkdsk

It isn't a Dell Windows disk? If not, how did you get to the Recovery Console to try chkdsk? If you didn't get a choice when booting from disk for Install, Repair, or Recovery Console for Windows, then you don't have a Windows disk.

You may still have a recovery partition placed on the drive by Dell, if it is accessible. Press whatever key is listed on the screen for startup options when booting. Select diagnostic and recovery, or whatever similar thing may be offered.

If the recovery partition is hosed, you can always order a replacement CD from Dell so you can reinstall the OS. This can be anywhere from free to like twenty bucks. If you recall creating a recovery CD on the first boot when you got your computer new, look for that - it is basically the recovery partition burned to CD.

But test the drive however possible: with the HDD vendor's tool available at the vendor site, possibly from the startup options or from the recovery partition, or from BIOS setup. These are places where Dell normally provides access to such a utility. if the drive is fine, you may be able to effect repairs on the filesystem from another bootable CD (e.g., using a tool from the UBCD, available online).

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ask Grandson

by dawgit In reply to Registry File Failure XP

1) what he was doing.
2) and how?
It could be easy if your Grandson had been running the computer off a USB connection. And had forgotten to re-set the BIOS to boot from the Hard Drive.
It happens

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