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    registry hack


    by david.duong ·

    In NT does anyone know how hack the registry so Excel can save to a server drive ie M:\ rather than the default profile\username\peronal\ for every user that logon to same workstation
    This is what I tried without any success
    Edit Registry – HKEY_Current_user
    changed the default path to server drive,
    but when a different user login it reset back to the original default drive.

    Next I tried deleted the above key and recreate the key the in HKEY_Local_Machine-software-microsoft-office-excel but also did not work.


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      registry hack

      by clpadmin ·

      In reply to registry hack

      Try HKEY_USERS\.Default\Software\Microsoft\Office\Excel\MicrosoftExcel directory and change the default path value there.

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      registry hack

      by sonnysan ·

      In reply to registry hack

      I bet mastering windows nt server 4 by minasi will have your answer. I don’t think you need to manipulate the registry to get the desired result. If you really want to go that route, purchase: windows nt 4.0 registry: a professional reference. Hope that helps. I think you dilemma lies in the user profiles/custom settings area.

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      registry hack

      by phil matthews ·

      In reply to registry hack

      In Excel select Tools > Options. In the General tab there is a default File Location box, type in the desired location in that box.

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      registry hack

      by sclayto2 ·

      In reply to registry hack

      For each user configure a user specific Home drive, within User Manager. By default each application will default to that location for each save.

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