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Registry Hack: Delegates & sent items

By Konza ·
Using Outlook 2003/Exchange 2003 server.

When a delegate sends an email on behalf of a mailbox owner, copy of sent item defaults to the delegates sent-items folder but I would like those items sent to the mailbox owner's sent-items folder instead.

I know this can be done with a rule, but I do not wish to create a rule for every single mailbox that needs this feature (there are a lot of them).

I am looking for a registry hack similar to the one where you can have the items a delegate deletes go to the mailbox owner's deleted-items folder instead of the delegates (

I have already combed the MS knowledge base and several other forums and have come up with nothing but create a rule, create a rule. I want a hack that I can apply once to a delegate's workstation, not a rule for individual email accounts.

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by DKlippert In reply to Registry Hack: Delegates ...

Did you look at:

How to save items that are sent by a delegate to a manager's Sent Items folder in Outlook

"When items (such as messages and meeting requests) are sent by a delegate, on behalf of a manager, a copy of each item is saved in the delegate's Sent Items folder; this behavior is by design. This article describes how to save sent items to the manager's Sent Items folder instead of the delegate's Sent Items folder."

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by Konza In reply to

Yes, I did see that article as well as several other's plus a COM Add-In for saving SentItems to a folder OTHER than the Sent Items folder...

My hope is that because there is a registry hack to put deleted items in the proper folder, there is also one to put sent items in the proper folder...

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by Konza In reply to Registry Hack: Delegates ...

Well, I now know why there are so many open questions here in the Q & A. Questioners themselves have questions and no one from TechRepublic Technical Support will take the f-ing time to answer questions that are submitted to THEM. This was a total waste of time...

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not possible

by bingo In reply to Registry Hack: Delegates ...

The page above states the following:

To save sent items to the manager's Sent Items folder and not the delegate's Sent Items folder, the delegate must be logged on as the manager. This may not be acceptable because of privacy or security concerns. By design, items that are sent by a delegate cannot appear in someone else's Sent Items folder.

A solution is for the manager to grant permissions to their Sent Items folder to the delegate. The delegate can then move or copy the items from their own Sent Items folder to the manager's Sent Items folder after they open the manager's mailbox as an additional mailbox.

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Yeah, I saw that one too...

by Konza In reply to not possible

...and I know that it's that way by design. But we've been able to make registry mods before to get around what Microsoft "thinks" we should do as opposed to what we really WANT to do. I was hoping one of the brilliant minds I've seen lurking around here could make my life easier.

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by mz In reply to Registry Hack: Delegates ...

Hiya Konza,
this can only be done with a thirth part com add-in for outlook. i was searching for the same solution and ended up at this ( website. There is a demo version of the UniSent com add-in but as a demo is it has it's limitations. the licenced version is 45 euro per user.

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