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Registry In DOS??

By frances.evans ·
I've changed a value in my registry...foolishly! I changed HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDEVICES and then I changed DosDevices\e: to DosDevices\c:.

I know NOW this was a stupid thing to my PC won't start!! help! Can I edit the registry or undo this mistake from DOS??

I'm running XP Home and am fully up to date on all the updates etc

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by Juergen Hartl In reply to Registry In DOS??

I do not know if XP home has a recovery console to boot to, but if you have access to a XP pro, or 2000 server CD you can boot into the recovery console, log on as Administrator chnage into the windows/system32 directory and use a command line tool called reg.exe.
Hope this helps

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by frances.evans In reply to Registry In DOS??

Soory to be thick but once I go reg.exe does that mean I can edit and undo my mistake? This COULD be the light at the end of this tunnel for me so I'm pretty hopeful!
When I talk to Dell help they tell me I'll HAVE to format and do a fresh intstall...that seems the easy way to me. they can't be bothered to try stuff like what you're suggesting! Anyway, suggest away!!

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by CG IT In reply to Registry In DOS??

to answer your question , yes once you open reg.exe you have to navigate to the key value you changed and change it back to the original key value. BUT, make sure its the right key value. 2 wrong moves and you might as well reload.

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by CG IT In reply to

wcp is right in that you can't edit the registry from DOS but if you have the Dell Recovery disk that allows you to boot to the recover console, you can edit the registry with reg.exe

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by wcp In reply to Registry In DOS??

I can think of 3 options.

1. Buy a commercial software (e.g. ERD Commander 2003) that allows you to edit Registry.

2. Install Windows XP to a different folder (partition or drive) and edit Registry. (pay attention to Method 2)

3. As Dell said, clean install Windows.

In Option 2, you may remove your HD and connect to a computer with Windows XP or 2K.

The thing is if you had renamed or saved the original DosDevice\c, Options 1 and 2 would work. Otherwise, Option 3 is the only resolution.

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by wcp In reply to

No, you cannot edit Registry in DOS. You have to be IN Windows environment (at least in Safe Mode with Command Prompt)

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by wcp In reply to

One more Option,

You may reinstall Windows on top of the current one.

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by Hazzard_005 In reply to Registry In DOS??

As far as I can tell you have not successfully booted up to windows since you made this change.

So you should have the option to hit the F8 key during boot up and select the "last known good configuration" advanced boot option.

Hope this helps.

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