Registry Issues

By datawizard ·
My system was continually going into a blue screen and would not boot up. I managed to get it to boot from the CD, but now I am getting this message:

Windows XP could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

When I put in my XP CD and go into the recovery console, XP does not find the HD. However if I put in my system recovery CD it finds the HD, but wants to re-partition the drive. Which means all my data would be gone. Not sure how to proceed.

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Remove the drive

by seanferd In reply to Registry Issues

mount it as a slave in another computer, and see if you can copy your important data off of it.

Root cause of the problem? What did the BSOD say? (Full text.) Obviously the system registry is corrupt, or it cannot be found. Something has trashed the boot configuration of the HDD. From recovery console, you can try FIXBOOT and FIXMBR. But maybe your HDD or the controller is going bad. Did you try to install a different OS or something?

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by datawizard In reply to Remove the drive

No this started with a blue screen ao death, and then rebooting continuously problem. I had to go into the configuration and have the system boot from the CD in order to get past that. After that I started getting the registry issues.

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OK I would really suggest

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Registry Issues

Backing up all your Data & Settings but what is happening here is that when you use the XP Install Disc as apposed tot he System Recovery Disc you need to Press the F6 Key when the first blue screen appears and wait till you are prompted to insert a Floppy with the SATA Drivers copied to it's Root and then press Enter.

That will install the SATA Drivers and allow you to perform a In Place Install which is what I'm assuming you want to do.

XP doesn't natively support SATA Drives and the Recovery Disc which is a Slipstreamed Disc with the drivers for your Hardware doesn't allow you to perform a In Place Install.

Or you could use the Recovery Disc go to the Recovery Console by pressing the R key at the first prompt and then running chddsk /r but even still that is fraught with danger if your Data is important.

OH and you'll need the SATA Drivers for your M'Board and XP. As you didn't tell us who made the computer or the M'Board Make & Model we can not help you there you'll have to either go to the M'Boards Makers Web Site or the System Makers Web Site and download the SATA sometimes called RAID Drivers and copy just the driver to a Floppy without any folders involved.


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Thanks for the suggestion

by datawizard In reply to OK I would really suggest

I have a Toshiba Portege laptop model number M400-S933.

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Once you have the drivers

by IC-IT In reply to Thanks for the suggestion

Try using the Recovery Console (watch for the F6) once in use;
chkdsk /R
If it finds and fixes errors, run it again. Often times it is just a bad sector and this will remap it and the hive will load.
If your laptop took a major drop you may end up needing another drive.

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by bincarnato In reply to Registry Issues

Boot to the ultimate boot CD and then copy the missing registry file from most current resotre point (system volume information directory) to the c:\windows\system32\config directory. It will have a different name at the begining so all you have to do is rename that file. Here is a link that explaines how to do it the long way. If you use the UBCD, you can just copy/paste.

Link to UBCD for Windows:

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