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Registry Repair Tools?

By markholmes24 ·
Can anyone recommend a decent registry cleaner/optimizer/repair tool. It's for professional use so needs to be a good one. I'm currently looking at Registry Mechanic and WinASO - anyone got any comments on those?

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Registry Mechanic

by lancedixon In reply to Registry Repair Tools?

My 2 cents worth - I have used Registry Mechanic for about 1 year now - it finds stuff, it deletes it, you can back up and restore. I haven't compared it with/to anything else but it seems to do it's "thing" without any silliness.

Pentium 2/350MHz, 382Mo RAM, W_2K_Pro

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Registry First Aid

by sarteano In reply to Registry Mechanic

I have been using Registry First Aid ver 3 for several years. Tried V 4 but was not overwhelmed. Also had another that vanished in a disk crash...and worse I can't remember the name. Something I found on PC World or PC Mag site.It was pretty good also. But if I can not name it....

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Registry Mechanic

by Terry Slavens In reply to Registry Repair Tools?

We have ben using Registry Mechanic and think it's great. Also does not cost too much.

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My choice

by Deejay54 In reply to Registry Repair Tools?

I use Iolo System Mechanic. It has a nice registry cleaner and repair tool, as well as a shortcut repair and junk file cleaner. It has quite a few other tools that you can choose to load or not at installation.

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by kfrey In reply to My choice

Registry First Aid can't be beat for it's relatively low price and better-than-average usability. It finds many errors and suggests corrections which can be overridden by the user. No registry cleaner is perfect but Reg1Aid used in conjunction with free cleaners such as the one from Microsoft (RegClean) is a superb tool.

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Tuneup & Norton Utils

by UncleRob In reply to Registry Repair Tools?

I've used both Tuneup & Norton Utilities (v2002) and I like them both alot probably give the final nod to Tuneup. We use Norton Systemworks at work because we purchased it a while back and I find that it's a decent product and does the job. I use Tuneup at home and it's a killer app.

I've also tried Registry Mechanic & Registry First Aid, and ASO Optimizer and although I wasn't that impressed by these utilities - but they probably do an efficient job as well.

The ui in Tuneup is far superior to what I've seen in most other reg optimizer/cleaner/repair tools plus it contains a whole bunch of other apps that are extremely useful.

They also offer a free 30 day trial which is fully functional (it doesn't just scan and force you to buy if you want to clean up the scan results).

Check out the following website page which lists reviews & awards, this software is the real deal.
You can download a copy from their site, the latest version is 2006.

just my 0.02 cents cdn...

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Windows Registry Repair Pro

by mwarren2 In reply to Registry Repair Tools?

I have been using Windows Registry Repair Pro for about a year and have been very satisfied. The current version is and can be found at I am using it with XP Pro SP 2 and have had no problems. It scans and repairs errors, defragments and compacts, and backs up. It's available in English, French, German or Spanish. It will also allow you to scan for a specific registry string.

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RegSeeker v,1.25

by Chasa In reply to Windows Registry Repair P ...

Try this, it's free. I've been using it for at least a year; I let it fix every problem it finds and have had no problems resulting from its use.

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Regcleaner - freeware from Jouni Vuoro

by Paul.Klerkx In reply to Registry Repair Tools?

I have been using regcleaner for about 5-6 years and have never had an issue with it. Does a registry clean, you can remove software, some of which doesn't appear under add/remove programs and you can also cleanup the registry after removing software that doesn't completely remove itself. Also has undo options.
Definitely recommend it. Just because it's free doesn't mean it isn't good.

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Followup to Reg1Aid

by kfrey In reply to Regcleaner - freeware fro ...

As stated in my comments earlier, Registry First Aid is an excellent program. However, all registry repair/cleaner tools should not be used in isolation just as individual virus/etc. scanners should not be used as a be-all and end-all. I agree with psk that Regcleaner is a great tool to add to the package. Likewise for Regseeker, RegClean from Microsoft and others. As a paid utility, Registry First Aid remains a strong choice to add to a kit of registry fix-it utilities.

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