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    Registry Size


    by temah ·

    What is the significancy of registry size in the computer performancr? (Because I was upgrading my Internet Explorer from 4.0 to 6.0 and the set up process prompted for an inrease in registry size,”…Please increase your registry size to 9MB so that the process can continue”!)


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      Registry Size

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Registry Size

      Think of the registry as a very large TSR program.

      The larger the registry, the more resources it takes up.

      Upgrading IE will increase the size of the registry as many key names and locations changed between version 4 and 6.

      Very few installers remove old keys that are no longer needed, or compact the registry after they have modified it.

      There are numerous commercial, share-ware and free-ware registry managers available.
      I recommend that you try one after you have IE6 up and running.


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