registry tweaks

By tortmoxy ·
what are some good tweaks that I should do?

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more info needed

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to registry tweaks

Would you mind telling us what operating system you want to tweak?

Also, are you having any problems? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Messing with the registry can render your computer totally useless.

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by tortmoxy In reply to more info needed

windows xp

i was told that there are registry tweaks that can enhance the performance of xp.
i am really wondering if i should even do it, i mean my comp is lightning already : ).

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I agree with Thumbs here

by Tig2 In reply to info

If it isn't broken, leave it be.

Something pretty neutral that you can do is find a registry cleaner that you like and run it periodically to clean up after uninstalls and the like. I use CCleaner- light weight and free ( but there are others out there.

The one thing to remember about this particular tool is that you have to run it recursively in order to get all the bits. Identifying and eliminating a fragment is likely to reveal a new fragment. I just run it until it doesn't find anything new. And as with anything to do with the registry, make sure that you make a back up first. CCleaner will prompt you to do this.

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by tortmoxy In reply to I agree with Thumbs here

thx for all the help!

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Check this link for more on the Registry

by OnTheRopes In reply to registry tweaks<br><br>
It's good practice to back-up the registry before making any changes.

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