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RegistryFix 2.0

By pdalton ·
After purchase the full product did not behave as the trial and has (sometimes) offered an ABORT button
after a single scan rather than REPAIR. I await a reply from the Support dept. for

In addition it only retains ONE backup set and not several to choose from, so if you take the trouble to scan in stages as I did the first backips are overwritten by later ones.

The result is I cannot restore changes sufficiently and, for whatever reason, the
software impact has made McAfee Antivirus/Security Center unusable or even
repairable. I have had to strip the machine and start over (with new antivirus).

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by pvsurfer In reply to RegistryFix 2.0

Did you ever resolve this? I was interested in RegistryFix2, but judging from your experience it may be wise to look elsewhere!

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Registry Fix 3.0

by gcl1971 In reply to RegistryFix 2.0

Try Registry Fix 3.0 at

It worked great for me.

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Maybe because of SP2?

by jgoodman02 In reply to RegistryFix 2.0

As a person charged with maintaining a few small networks on the Gulf Coast, I have noticed weird behavior out of otherwise well established programs on machines running Win Xp with SP2. I recently had a senario where Quick Books Pro 2005 Multi User would not open when normal "map network drive" procedures were used. We spent 349.00 plus 3 days on this issue with QB tech support. The final workaround-move the company file to the shared(all users) folder.

This seems to be very unsecure, since all the machines can access the shared folder, rather than the company file being right out there in plain site if normal database sharing and multiaccess protocols were observed, the data file would be secure in the server's programs folder and would only be accessible for practical purposes to QB users on the network.

Intuit put a lot of resources and time as did we into solving this predicament. However the cure is really a bandaid on a fracture. I really believe we are much more exposed to hack attempts and data theft because of the company file location.

Intuit was very interested in our problems, to the point in assigning a customer advocate to our issue.

I really and completely believe QB Pro 2005 would have run and networked as per normal mapped drive policies Intuit instructs be used in a PRE SP2 machine.

Other programs tend, such as Nero Burning Rom, tended to get unstable after SP1 was installed.

My best suggestion is contact your sw. vendor support channel and ask if patches/upgrades or such are available for their products before SP2 is installed/

Lots of SW companies are actually stating on their websites and/or box and disk suitable for Win XP SP2.

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Registry Fix

by pdalton In reply to RegistryFix 2.0

Many thanks for your comments.

So far NO fix for Registry Fix and the producers never replied or showed any interest.

My solution was to go via VISA and retrieve the money as fast as possible!!!

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