Reinstall Compaq OEM vista on new hard drive

By 714mht ·
My nephew has a Compaq Presario laptop which quit working a couple months after the warranty expired. It turns out the the hard drive is totally dead. Unfortunately he never created a recovery disk. I haven't worked with Vista as of yet and am not sure exactly how the licensing works. What I am trying to find out is how to reinstall Vista on the new hard drive. The computer has the green and white sticker with the license key on it. Can I just use another OEM disk to install it and use the key that came with the computer?
Even if I had a recovery disk, would the install have worked since the HD was totally dead? I would think so, but just read somewhere that you needed the disk and the recovery partition.

Thanks in advance.

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Different sys and recov disks.

by kenrwoodson In reply to Reinstall Compaq OEM vist ...

Are there 2 computers, the laptop and a PC,
In other words, are you trying to install a Vista disk from another purchased PC onto the laptop's HDD?

If so, there are 2 issues:

1. The Vista disk only works with the PC, as agreed by Microsoft and that PC's OEM.

2. You may be able to install the Vista on the laptop, but you will have a temporary grace period in using Vista. Therefore, you would have to purchase a license from Microsoft to permantently use Vista on the laptop.

(Each computer has to coordinate with the disk purchased with it, or for a foreign disk to be installed on another machine, that disk would need a new key: Microsoft EULA agreement.)

Although, check with Microsoft @
microsoft.com for product license key purchases.

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If you had the recovery disk(s) then you are intitled to load it on.

If you had the recovery disk(s) you are allowed to load the operating system on to the new drive. The recovery disk(s) are for the computer's hardware mostly the motherboard and sound. But if you have not got the recovery disk(S) then you can load on any operating system that you want. You just need to go to the makers website and download the motherboard drivers, the rest will be picked up by the operating system.
You might be able to download or purchase the recovery disk(s) from whom ever you brought it from. You do not need the recovery partition because the recovery disk(s) will do this for you. So just go and get another hdd and put it into the computer and load on the operating system, as for the serial/code key you might be able to use it but if not then you can use the new one that will come with the OEM version.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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Well you have a couple of options here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Reinstall Compaq OEM vist ...

You can contact HP for a Compaq Recovery Disc Set for this unit.

Can I just use another OEM disk to install it and use the key that came with the computer?

This is a Definite Maybe it all depends on what you have to load from. If it is a M$ Branded DVD it may work but as HP use a different version of Vista to the Retail OEM Product it may not accept the Product Key on the COA. If you have a Recovery Disc from a different computer this is a Slipstreamed Disc with the Drivers for the Hardware it was supplied with and nothing else so it's unlikely to work unless it's for the same model computer. If that is the case Yes you are entitled to load off the Recovery Disc but you must use the Product Key that is ion the Compaq or it will be a Pirate Copy and treated as such by M$.

With Vista M$ has used 1 DVD to load all of the various versions on and the Product Key enables the features that you have paid a License for. So if your Product Key is for Vista Home Basic that is what you will get when you insert the Product Key if it's for Vista Ultimate that's what will be installed.

Now for the limits to this there are 4 types of Vista Install Disc provided by M$ these come in roughly 2 Distinct groups being the 32 Bit and the 64 Bit Versions of Vista as it isn't possible to include the 32 & 64 Bit Applications on the same DVD. The Sub Heading of this is for M$ Volume License Product used by Large Organizations and some System Makers. These different products have a different range of Product Keys and they are not interchangeable.

As I don't do any work for HP any longer I'm not sure what they are currently using as the Original Install Media with XP it was a form of Volume License but I have no idea of what they are using with Vista. It would be easier to buy a Recovery Set from HP here they tend to be fairly cheap with the main cost to cover Postage & Handling well at least that's how it used to be I don't know what the current situation is. But HP used to sell Recovery Sets for XP machines for about $20-$25 or there abouts depending on where you live.


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