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reinstall WIN 98 on laptop NO CD drive!?

By crashbamona ·
one sunny morn I started my laptop to the error message that it could not locate <vmm32.vxd>.
So I oh so cleverly moved that file from a friends laptop to my own excellent specimen via floppy, in DOS mode.
This triggered multiple other errors, ending in an <I/O not found, may be short on memory> message.
I only have a floppy drive, and when I try to run from the boot disc it says,
<devive driver not found: 'MSCDOO1'.
no valid CDROM device drivers selected>
I don't think I have any CDROM device drivers?? any way I can use this piece of #@!?*# ever agian??
Safe mode does not work.

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by TheChas In reply to reinstall WIN 98 on lapto ...

If you have no CD drive on your system, the easiest way to re-install Windows 98 is to copy the CD to your hard drive.

Get a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter kit and mount your laptop hard drive as a slave or secondary drive in a functioning W98 system.

Copy the Windows Cd to an easy to find folder such as \W98

Move the hard drive back to the laptop.

Boot from the W98 startup floppy and browse to the folder with W98 in it.
cd /w98

Run setup

Follow the prompts.

By the way, virtual device drivers (.vxd files) are custom files for the specific hardware and software installed on your system.
The Windows CD does include some generic .vxd files. But, the installer modifies these files as they are installed.


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by Swampdoc In reply to reinstall WIN 98 on lapto ...

You may have all you need already on your hard drive. While in SAFE MODE look and see if you have a c:\win98 or c:\windows\options\cabs or maybe even a c:\cabs If you do, try running SETUP.EXE from there as this should be the parts of the cd you need to reinstall windows.

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by wlbowers In reply to reinstall WIN 98 on lapto ...

Sounds like your drive has experienced a corruption crash.

First thing you need to do is recover what you can off the drive.

Boot to a floppy that has the sys command on it. At the a: prompt type "sys c:" and press enter.

This will transfer the system files to the c drive and allow you to boot into dos.

This will free your floppy to copy files to.

Once you have recovered what you can you will need to format your drive and get ready to install the os.

Now to the hard part. Getting win98 on your machine. The early versions of win98 was on floppies for just this reason. The problem is finding a set that is still good.

What we do is to remove the hard drive and attach it to a desktop system. There are two ways to do this.

One is using a 2.5" external drive enclosure that connects either with USB or firewire.

The other is a 2.5" to 3.5" adapter that allows you to hook it to a standard ide cable. Cables to go has one for around $9.00.

This is the option that I would recommend. It will allow you to recover any documents and test and reformat your drive. Then you want to copy the win98 cd to a folder on the hard drive. Call it cab or cabs.

You can then boot to a floppy and run the setup from the cab folder.

Good Luck Lee

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